''Throughout my 28 years, I've tried multiple of these, all being very weak with no actual suction. They all left me disappointed and reluctant to ever try one again. I got my SkinVacuum on the Black Friday sale thinking "Oh well. I'm not out that much money." But WOW! I am so glad I took the risk of giving it a chance. I've used it twice and can already see that my pores aren't as noticeable as before. My boyfriend even took it out of my hands one day to use it and was impressed. I legit see the dirt from my clogged pores in the tip and on the little round sponge. (Not sure where that is exactly supposed to go but I put it over the hole to prevent the gunk from getting into the machine, but it doesn't stay in place very well with most of the tips) Anyways; very happy with this purchase. I clean my face before and after use, and use alcohol on the tips between areas and after use.''

''I was skeptical this product would really work, but boy was I wrong! I’ve struggled with acne my entire life and wish I would have found this sooner. The amount of oil/debris I got out of my pores in my T-zone was incredible. I immediately noticed smaller pores and felt like my skin was smoother. Just make sure you move the device relatively quickly across your face or you will get suction bruises! Great quality and comes in a nice, sturdy box.''

''I honestly didn’t expect this thing to work, I mean it claims to suck blackheads out of your face. Sounds too good to be true. Surprise it kinda actually works, you do need to warm up your face before you use it (to open the pores) but it actually got some junk off my face.''